Why You Need to Claim Your Google Business Listing

Google has an online business directory. It’s called Google Places. It’s a list of businesses much like the yellow pages in a phone book. Your business may be listed in this directory even if you have not added it. In that case it would contain only basic information. You can make it better by correcting the information and adding more to it. You can add pictures and video to your listing.The name Google Places is being changed to Google+ Local Pages. This change integrates Google’s social network, Google Plus, with the business listings which are called Google Places. Social networking and interaction can play a large part in how well your business listing shows up when people are searching for your type of business.Why is this online business directory important for your business?
This business directory is used by more people searching for businesses than any other. It is used in the Google Maps product which is on millions of smart phones as well as desktop and laptop computers. It’s also included in local search results. Local search means searching for local businesses.Being listed in this directory is extremely important. Especially if you’re in a competitive category with many competitors in your local area. There are often times only 7 businesses listed on the first page of a search results page. If your business is not one of those 7 you are missing a lot of leads and potential customers.Accuracy and Completeness Count
Having your business directory listing accurate helps Google know that your business is legitimate. It also helps to include as much information as possible in the listing. This is true for your website as well. When Google sees the exact same information in both your website and your business directory listing it will rank both your website and your business directory listing higher in search results.Higher rankings means more customers
When you get your business to rank higher in search results you will get more leads. The reason is simply that people choose the first listings they see. It is proven that the higher position listings get the most clicks. Another benefit is that when your business listing moves up to a higher position, all the others below it move lower. You’ll be taking business away from your competition.Optimize your business listing now!
This is very important. The sooner you get your business listing to rank higher the sooner you’ll attract more leads and customers. It’s easy to put this off until later. But why put off attracting new leads and customers until later?

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